what mtb should i buy?

Mountain bike tools

Don’t Be Stranded Trail side!

Here is a list of essential mountain bike tools and emergency gear you will always want to have with you out on a big ride. Nobody want’s to be left high and dry faced with a long walk of shame back to civilisation

Multitool With A Chain Breaker

One of the most common ride wreckers is a broken chain, Any multitool worth it’s weight will have a chain breaker to fix this problem and 10mm allen key.

mountain bike tools to carry

Outdoor Specific First Aid Kit

The Adventurer is a well-equipped First Aid Kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries. It comes with basic kit to cover bleeding, breaks as well as medication and other accessories.

The QuickFind System ensures that the contents are organised and keeps the pack compact.

At 15cm x 14cm in size, you barely know you have it in the bag. 

Mech Hanger

The first thing to break when you inevitably hit something with your derailleur.

This piece of kit is actually designed to break before the derailleur, They are also specific to each bike. 

Finding one of these whilst out on holiday or out in the wilderness could be tricky so it’s well worth carrying a spare.

Essential mountain bike tools to carry

Steel Core Tyre Levers

The cheap plastic equivalent tyre levers go brittle over time which then snap when you need them most. A set of these steel core levers will have your back. 

High Volume Bike Pump

A small, powerful and easy-to-store mini-pump. You can also purchase a frame adapter which sits behind your water bottle. 

Don’t Forget;

A good quality inner-tube 

Tubeless repair kit  

Windproof shell for if things take a turn for the worse.  

Have a blast out there folks, Prepare for the worst and then roll with the punches!

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